UHMWPE Black Plastic Sheets

UHMWPE Black Plastic Sheets

Application It is used in different places and can also be processed into different products, such as outrigger pads, ground protection mat, custom parts, etc.

Key Features Size: 1220*2440mm, 2000*4000mm
Colour: Black, Blue or more custom
Thickness: 5-300mm
Molecular Weight: 2-8 Milion
Manufacture Way: Pressing Mould
Supply: Factory Direct Supply
Processing Service: Cutting, Moulding

Overview Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-pe) is a kind of polyethylene with a molecular weight of more than 3 million, making it far superior to any other thermoplastic for wear resistance, and by far one of densest polymers available, outperforming


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Product Description

Size: 1550mmx4100mm,2000mmx4000mm ,1000mmx3000mm ,2000mmx6000mm9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

Color: black, white or more custom9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

Thickness: 5mm-300mm9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

Other colors and size can be customized9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

Packing: in pallet9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

Type: Engineering Plastic9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

Performance:9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

High abrasion and impact resistance

UV Resistant

Easily machined for Engineering Use

Almost completely inert to chemical attacks

Low coefficient of friction

Non-caking & sticking

Good electrical properties

Performs very well in colder temperature applications

Maximum temperature: 180°F

Water absorption < 0.01%
9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

详情3.jpg9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

详情7.jpg9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

 9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

 9i8PeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

Product Material &Application


Plastic UHMWPE plate is used where sliding abrasion occurs or where metal parts meet, causing friction or abrasion wear. It is excellent for chute and hopper liners, convey or components, wear pads, machine guides, impact surface and guide rails. 

1.Uhmw Pe 1000 Sheet in Flame retardant for underground mine operation and other place where prone to spontaneous combustion .

2.Engineering Uhmw Pe 1000 Sheet To replace steel ,own to high wear resistant character ,chemical and corrosion resistance .

3.Uhmw Pe 1000 Sheet at low temperature place ,can stand low temperature .

4.Uhmw Pe 1000 Sheet stand in Wet or deep in water .

5. Uhmw Pe 1000 Sheet Long time sunshine place ,not fade .

6.Uhmw Pe 1000 Sheet Medical place to get radiation protection .

7.Uhmw Pe 1000 Sheet Food contact safty .
8.UHMW PE Lining solution use ,low coefficient of friction and no moisture absorption .
Product Datasheet(SPEC)


Test method



General properties

 DIN 53479



Molecular weight


   10 6g/mol


Elongation at break

 ISO 527


> 250

Tensile modulus

 ISO 527



Yield stress

 ISO 527




ISO 868

    Shore D


Melting temperature

 DIN 53736



Water absorption




Friction coefficient




Product Packing & more

Packing:in Pallet

Port:Qingdao or Tianjin

Lead time:

Quantity(kilograms) 1 - 1000 1001 - 3000 >3000
Lead time (days) 20 30 To be negotiated


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