Hard UHMWPE plastic Board

Hard UHMWPE plastic Board

Application silos, coal mines lining boards

Key Features Size: 1220x2440mm, or custom
Colour: Green or as required

Overview The antistatic uhmwpe board can be used in the harsh environment of granaries, silos, coal mines, etc. to play the role of antistatic, and can be customized according to needs.


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Product Description

71SPeliouPlastic-Best Polyethylene UHMWPE HDPE Factory in China

-- High abrasion and impact resistance

-- UV Resistant

-- Easily machined for Engineering Use

-- Almost completely inert to chemical attacks

-- Low coefficient of friction

-- Non-caking & sticking

-- Good electrical properties

-- Performs very well in colder temperature applications

-- Maximum temperature: 180°F

-- Water absorption < 0.01%
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Product Material &Application

1.UHMW PE Sheets in Flame retardant for underground mine operation and other place where prone to spontaneous combustion .

2.Engineering UHMW PE To replace steel ,own to high wear resistant character ,chemical and corrosion resistance .

3.UHMW PE  at low temperature place ,can stand low temperature

4.UHMW PE stand in Wet or deep in water .
5. UHMW PE Sheets Long time sunshine place ,not fade .

6.UHMW PE Sheets in Medical place to get radiation protection .

7.UHMW PE Food contact safty .

8.UHMW PE Lining solution use ,low coefficient of friction and no moisture absorption .
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